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Do you need a Form 1 prepared? Metro Forms, Metro Conveyancing’s sister company, can do it for you, preparing Form 1s on behalf of clients and real estate agents.

The Form 1 is the basis of the formal statement by the Vendor about certain details relating to the property being conveyed. It is required under Section 7 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

Many real estate agents will no longer prepare Form 1s and are outsourcing this to conveyancers to meet their legal obligations – enter Metro Forms, experts in Form 1 preparation! With our background, knowledge, and attention to detail Metro Forms can efficiently prepare your Form in the timeliest manner.

A Form 1 can be the make-or-break document of a tender transaction. If the form is not prepared correctly this leaves scope for a Purchaser to exercise their right to cool off - and this could be the difference in the Vendor obtaining their best offer for the property.

Upon receipt of our completed Vendor Questionnaire, we will:

  • Order the relevant searches and provide them to your real estate agent
  • Prepare the Form 1
  • Sign off on the Form 1 in Part C stating the information being prepared is true and correct
  • The Form 1 will be emailed to the agent in readiness for it to be served to the purchaser

At Metro Forms, your documentation is put through a number of stringent checks to ensure the information is as correct and up to date as possible at the time of service to the purchaser. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare this documentation and have it delivered to the agents efficiently. We understand the importance of locking in that special Purchaser for your property.

If you choose Metro Forms to act for you in your Sale of Property, we strongly recommend you advise your agent that you would like your Form 1s to be prepared by Metro Forms - that way we are in control of your entire transaction. This will not only save you money, but you can rest assured that each of the different components of your property settlement are being handled by a team of experienced and knowledgeable conveyancing professionals.