Private Contracts


It may be simple to negotiate a contract privately, but it is important to have an experienced professional conveyancer to collate all of the information and conditions from the negotiations into a formal agreement that protects each party’s interests.

At Metro Conveyancing, we understand time is of the essence in these situations and we waste no time ensuring that documentation is prepared in a straightforward and timely manner, such that all parties can achieve the scheduled settlement date.

We are here to support you in securing your desired outcome; we take our time to listen to you and record your instructions using our questionnaires to ensure that you are delivered an accurate and comprehensive contract.

For Purchasers:

When purchasing a property, you can be assured Metro Conveyancing will cast a critical eye over your contract and Form 1 Disclosure Statement, checking all required information is included and correct, and providing you with the advice you require to ensure a smooth and speedy settlement.

For Vendors:

When selling a property privately, as the Vendor you will require a contract and Form 1 to be prepared in accordance with the Real Property Act.

Metro Conveyancing’s experienced team of Qualified Conveyancers will ensure you receive the right advice and will help guide you through negotiations with your prospective purchaser, so you can feel confident your contract is thorough and correct.

Once you have reached an agreed price and any acceptable conditions, we will prepare a contract in accordance with your instructions and arrange for all parties to execute the documents.

It’s our responsibility to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s; we ensure:

  • All the required information is included in the contract,
  • All your responsibilities as a vendor are taken care of, and
  • Special conditions are included and worded correctly to meet the needs of both Vendor and Purchaser.

We will order the required Statutory Searches and prepare the Form 1/Disclosure Statement that is required to be served to the prospective purchaser for them to begin their Cooling Off Period of two clear business days, hold the deposit in our trust account as stakeholders pending the settlement.