Why Us


We are an experienced and knowledgeable team of conveyancers and support staff. When you choose Metro Conveyancing, you are getting a whole team to work on your behalf, not just one individual.

We use our knowledge and experience to ensure we always get the best outcome for our clients. When things get a bit tricky in a transaction, you can be confident that we will provide you with the right advice and guidance for a positive outcome.

We are always looking to improve our knowledge and service so our clients receive the best level of service. As industry leaders in embracing new technology and changes to industry, we are ensuring we can offer our clients a range of options for their transactions. We are leading the way in offering electronic settlements and protecting client information through strict security protocols.

We seek to create long term relationships with all our clients, whether you are purchasing one property in your lifetime or growing your property portfolio, developing property or expanding your business horizons. As the client, you are important to us and we aim to ensure you receive the best knowledge and service we can deliver. We don’t dabble in conveyancing, we specialise in conveyancing.

We know the importance of communication and use systems to ensure our clients are kept informed with their transaction at all times. This is why we have the motto, ‘more than just paperwork!’.

The team at Metro Conveyancing are nothing short of enthusiastic about dealing with property and the transactions involved. When you instruct Metro Conveyancing to act on your behalf, you will see firsthand our commitment to helping our clients achieve their dreams of owning a home, increasing their property portfolio or creating their developments.